Monday, January 01, 2007

Virtual Thunderbirds "Smoke On"

I just ran across one of the most professionally developed video productions of multiplayer flight simulation I have ever seen courtesy of the fine folks at the Virtual Thunderbirds. Here's the press release and download information:

The movie is called 'Smoke On'. It's a 50 minute demonstration of online formation flying by The Virtual Thunderbirds using a modded Lock On: Modern Air Combat flight simulator game.

The Virtual Thunderbirds began in the spring of 2004 with a group of flight simulator enthusiasts, and it has since evolved into what it is today. Many of the pilots selected for the demo team are real world aviators with thousands of hours of jet experience, both military and civilian and they range in ages from 23 to 52.

Kris “Lawndart” Langdell created this incredible video showcasing The Virtual Thunderbirds. Kris is also a member of the The Virtual Thunderbirds and in real life, he is a professional pilot, flying the Embraer 145 for Mesa Airlines.

The movie is 1.2 gigs in size. The movie contains essentially an entire High Show (about 38 manoeuvers) from multiple angles and cameras and additionally; start-ups, taxing, a long intro sequence and approx 8 minutes of extras after the flying portion of the show is over. Total time: 49 minutes and 54 seconds (in its current format).

Anyone who has enjoyed watching the real U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds fly will certainly get a kick out of this video. Fantastic work, Kris!

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