Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Noise over on Hilton Head Island

I am native to the state of South Carolina, currently living in Greenwood. I read over at Aero-News that there is a huge debate over noise from KHXD - the airport on Hilton Head island. The residents are all up-in-arms against the pilots who use the airport, and have threatened to come after them legally - how preposterous is that? Personally, I wouldn't mind the noise - I would welcome it (I love jet noise)! But I'm sure many of the residents who live at HHI are retired northern couples who want peace and quiet. There are noise abatement procedures available, but aren't well publicized. They say a study is being done ... not really sure what that's going to prove. Living anywhere near an airfield is always subject to noise. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that little 'ole Hilton Head is making such a "fuss." Sounds like the residents are making more noise than the aircraft to me. What kind of noise abatement procedures are there for "noisy" people? :-)


Billy Ruffian said...

What's up. My name is Owen Hewitt as well. I'm a poet in Ottawa Canada and I regularly google myself to see if I've been mentioned in any of the literary circulars or publications. However, I usually always get a bunch of links featuring you and your work with aviation.

Thought I'd finally say hello.


Mikesup said...

I've got the solution for Hilton Head, it's called a MU-2 flyin complete with everyone getting their currency by doing 3 touch and goes. That ought to smooth things over with the neighbors. (Airport was there first, afterall.) As you can tell, I LOVE AIRPLANE (and Helicopter) NOISE!!!

Owen Hewitt said...

Interesting alias, Owen. Good to "meet" you as well. Yes, I too will often google myself to see where my name has shown lately - interesting that my blog appears first now!


Owen Hewitt said...

Hahahaha ... Good one, Mike! Yeah, that ought to wake up the neighborhood. It's an uncontrolled field down there, so pretty much anyone going in can do what they want - the noise abatement procedures are purely voluntary. Honestly, if it were full IMC conditions - I would not bother with such procedures.