Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What I'm up to, FS-wise...

Lou Betti, founder of Dreamfleet LLC, visited South Carolina this past weekend, grabbing MANY photos of not one, but two future project aircraft. I say future, but I'm already well established on the first one - Roy Wilbanks' Twin Comanche. Lou was kind enough to summarize his trip in this forum thread, including a couple of pictures showing us with each respective owner and aircraft.

The second aircraft, a PA32-300 Cherokee Six, is owned by Peyton McCool of Greenville. He's a very nice gentleman, and I look forward to working with him closely when I get the TC in "ship shape." :-) I didn't get an opportunity to go up in her just yet, but being inside during the engine run-ups for sound recordings - boy, those 300 horses really want to make that plane go!

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Mikesup said...

Sweet, I knew you were working on one GA aircraft, but now two in the works? Wow. I'm looking forward to the Twinkie and the Cherokee Six is another dream aircraft. Keep us updated!