Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An Airbus A380 built in 7 minutes!

Watch this amazing 7 minute time lapse video showing the complex logistical achievements of Airbus in constructing the new A380.

I am uncertain of the time frame that actually takes place, but the ballet of workers that coordinate and place this monster together sure make it look easy!!

Just look at the torque wrenches being used to attach those Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines! I'm particularly impressed with those large main gear mechanisms. The doors are quite complex - a great challenge for anyone wishing to recreate them within an environment such as Flight Simulator.

I'm not too much into heavy iron, but I just find this aircraft to be simply amazing in design and aeronautical achievement. This aircraft is something that was illustrated as a hypothetical "cruise liner of the sky" in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines that I often read in my younger years. I never really thought would become a reality. I guess that's what I get for thinking.


Mike Boone said...

Pretty cool. Seems like a bad location to build in since they have to squeak giant parts through that town. But I guess the hangars and stuff predated the 380.

I liked watching the paint job the best.

Mikesup said...

That is a cool video. I have very mixed emotions on the A380. I think the market they are trying to get has died out of the western world post 9/11. There isn't a mass transit mentality any more, instead people want to go from point A to point B as fast as possible, and the A380 instead relies on the hub and spoke system.
I see two niches that if the A380 wants them it can easily take. First is freighter, that aircraft properly converted would rival Antonov on capabilities. Second, is luxury aircraft. Virgin Atlantic is already looking at making flying casinos out of theirs, so why not have fun. Instead of 800 people on board in sardine fashion, take 500 in a flying casino. Take 300 in a flying hotel, complete with state rooms.
Now, my last hatred of the Airbus comes from their idea of a side stick so that the pilot's can have a laptop in front of them. Somewhere in a Flying magazine article I read, there was an A330 pilot who had the beast on autopilot and his lap top on his lap, flying guessed it an A330. Go fig.