Friday, May 26, 2006

Watch "this" space

No, I don't mean to watch this space, as in my blog (of course, you are more than welcome to keep an eye on me) - I'm talking about here. You see, there has been some pretty significant movement over at the studio that makes Flight Simulator, and FSInsider is going to become a portal for some great community interaction. Hal Bryan has tipped us off on what he calls a "(com)promising transition." Great stuff, Hal.

I'd like to extend a welcome to Brett Schnepf - we're glad you're here as Community Development Manager! Welcome Z (a.k.a. Mike Zyskowski) as Program Manager for Developer Relations - very glad to see that title! :-) And finally, great to see your new title Hal, Flight Simulator Community Evangelist. Now, I was a bit puzzled by that title, so I looked up "Evangelist" on Wikipedia (that site is great, btw) and immediately realized that what he really means is "technical evangelist." So, I guess that means we should all really be watching this space pretty close as well (for those that want some comic relief, that is).

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