Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Brand-New FSX Flash page

Microsoft has just published a new Flash website that is well worth checking out! Oh, and be sure to download the free demo!


Mike Boone said...

Wow, that's a huge download. Let it go overnight and tried it this morning. Graphics are improved, but apparently my PC isn't up to the challenge, as things were clunky.

Did they get rid of the non-virtual cockpit? Guess I need to get used to the virtual one...maybe get one of those baseball cap controllers like yours!

Owen Hewitt said...

Hi Mike! Glad that you were able to grab the Demo. I would suggest toning down some of the sliders in the settings menu - that should improve your performance.

As far as the 2-D cockpit, it's still there in the sim. I recommend reading the documentation, as there is a whole new camera system. When you are in the Virtual Cockpit, press the "A" key, and that will change views within views. Very nice!


Mikesup said...

Wow, the improved visuals are incredible. I spent about two hours flying around St. Maarten in the Beaver looking at the reflections on the aircraft and the water, watching boats go by, and messing with sliders. My PC is capable of running it, but I think a better vid card is in order. This screams the need for a 256Mb card.

I am a little upset at you though Owen, you didn't make them include the Bell 609, now where do I get my V/STOL fix?

Owen Hewitt said...

Basically, the sim now screams for a PCIe card, with *at least* 256MB on the card. I'm now running an ATI Z1900 with 512 MB, and I love it!!

Well, generally they wouldn't include an aircraft that isn't certified by the FAA, plus I don't think there is any tilt-rotor flight model logic either. That's a whole new ballgame - maybe FX XI!

I was just glad to see them give the Bell 206 a make-over, and I wish that they had included it in the demo. Guess we all will have to wait until October! :)