Sunday, August 20, 2006

Look what I got!!

Click to see!

Look at what Christy Lake is sitting in (click the picture for full-size shot)! It's an Airflow Collectibles Red Baron! Christy and her mother, Mary Lake, were on their way to a wedding shower in Honea Path, when they saw the airplane on the side of the road at a vendor who normally has, according to Mary Lake, "...old junky refrigerators." Well, Mary Lake just had to have it, for me of course - but it surely cost here every dollar she had on her!! I know I'll never be able to live that down! It needs a bit of a polish and wax job, but that will not be any trouble. It sure is a great find, especially for around these parts! I think we're going to try and figure out how to suspend it from the ceiling in our stairwell - wouldn't that be a great conversation piece!

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