Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My current "shuffle"

Borrowing from a clever post I saw, I thought I'd give a small dose of the songs I'm currently shuffling with my Windows Media Player, in no particular order:

Photograph by Nickelback
Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
Livin' Thing, Do Ya, & Turn to Stone by ELO
Ride My See-Saw by The Moody Blues
Dreamweaver & Love is Alive by Gary Wright
No Promises, Hey Little Girl, Great Southern Land, & Street Cafe by Icehouse
Abacab, Keep it Dark, & Another Record by Genesis (all on the Abacab album)

There are many more, but that's a small snapshot. Most wouldn't think that a 31-yr old would enjoy listening to a bunch of "older" songs. Now looking at the list .. Nickelback is the only recent release .. haha. More to come later!

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