Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oracle Challenger destroyed!

Sean D. Tucker is one of the premier aerobatic demonstration pilots in the country - at least for now, he'll have to find another aircraft to perform those aerobatic displays. Today, Sean had to bail the Oracle Challenger while performing a practice flight in Louisiana near Shreveport this morning. I first read about this on Aero-News.Net this morning soon after it occurred. A local television station posted this report showing the extent of the damage to the Challenger.

The Oracle Challenger is especially memorable to me, as it was a particular paint scheme I painted for my friend Mikko's FS 2002 version of the Challenger. I hope Sean is able to get another aircraft constructed that was as cool as the Challenger.

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Mikesup said...

OMG, I can't believe that. I remember watching him perform the "Harrier Pass" where he hung the plane on the prop and just sat there and then flew out of it with power. Wow, that aircraft was custom built for his routine based off of a Pitts design. I bet they can build another one, but I wonder how many shows he'll miss. Probably the rest of this year, which is a shame as he is a legend in the airshow world.