Monday, April 03, 2006

Abandoned airfields, right in my backyard

I live in Greenwood, South Carolina - a nice town with a great lake (on which I happen to live). It has a great airfield too, with some of the nicest local pilots I've ever met.

I was browsing some sites and happened to find a very interesting site listing abandoned and little-known airfileds across the U.S. Of course, I navigated to South Carolina and found that Greenwood had not one, but two former airfields. Much of the data about these former fields was gathered by a current pilot out of GRD named Bo Bowman. From what I understand, there is a hangar at GRD that existed at the 2nd Greenwood airfield and was moved to it's new home at GRD. I was glad to have found images of the former airfields, and what exists in their locations now (ordinary streets and homes). Nothing wrong getting a little history lesson every so often!

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Mikesup said...

Yes, I found this site when researching a NOLF that is about 2 miles from my house. It turns out that in WWII this NOLF was a bomb range and some unexploded ordanance turned up in people's backyard. I later found out that my highschool, the mall in town, a local drugstore, and a park are all built on various fields that used to exist about 40 or more years ago. In fact, in Grand Prairie there is a Curtiss exhibition field where the streets still follow the runway and taxiway layout. It's pretty cool to drive through there knowing the history. Makes me wonder what will happen to the airports that exist now.