Friday, September 22, 2006

The "Blurries" explained...

I was very glad to see a post today by Adam Szofran entitled "Comments about the blurries from an ACES developer". Adam goes on to explain it in three "buckets" of reasons: Inadequate CPU resources for the terrain texture loader, exhaustion of video memory, and/or poor filtering settings.

I won't steal Adam's thunder, so I recommend giving his post a read. It has some insightful information and better yet, some explanation of how these (okay, most of these) have been addressed within FSX. There is a bit of a frame rate "cost" to their optimizations, but I would guess they would be a welcome trade-off. Nothing would be better than not seeing anymore "I've got blurries" posts, but I'm sure there will be those out there who will stretch the limitations of their PCs into forcing the blurries to appear - call it your computer yelling "Uncle, Uncle!!" :-)

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