Monday, July 17, 2006

Eaglesoft a hit at FSX press conference!

According to Paul Lange, the mission guy at ACES, the press conference that was held in Redmond for showcasing FSX (see the AVSIM and Simflight reports) went very well. You can read his thoughts in this blog entry, but I've highlighed one section:

Following the missions piece we covered multi-player, then thrid party support and community and ended with open play. In the third party support segment we installed several FS2004 aircraft to show that backward compatibility will be supported and also showed some aircraft from Eaglesoft that are already FSX exclusively updated. It seems some of the press coverage has cited we will be including some third party aircraft in the box, so maybe showing these aircraft installed in the play test lab gave that impression. If we are shipping third party aircraft in FSX it's news to me (I don't know everything though, so maybe I'm in for a surprize tomorrow).
When I first read the reports of MS including 3rd party aircraft within their boxed package, #1, I was suprised by that news, and #2, I had no idea that they were referring to the Eaglesoft aircraft that was shown during the conference. I'm pretty confident in stating that this was a misinterpretation - or Ron has some 'splainin' to do (in my best Ricky Ricardo voice). Anyway, the aircraft must have made an impression upon everyone - excellent!

[EDIT]According to Paul's last comment, Eaglesoft was the only 3rd party developer who was able to produce FSX compatible aircraft for the press conference!

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