Monday, July 17, 2006

Q & A with Hal "FS Evangelist" Bryan

I just ran across this Q & A session with the new "FS Community Evangelist," Hal Bryan. Here's a pretty good snippet:

Shawn: How big is the team working on Flight Simulator X? How long has the game been in development?

Hal: I’d say the average height is around 1.72 metres . . . and, the team ranges in number from about 40 at its core to upwards of 60 for the last several months to year of development, not to mention our thousands of extraordinarily dedicated external Beta testers.
This is just a small dose of the humor that exudes from Hal and his way with words. Those of you who are going to be fortunate enough to attend EAA's Airventure at KOSH next week, be sure to look out for this guy. You might even see this guy. :)

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