Tuesday, July 18, 2006

See you at Oshkosh!

It is with great pleasure that I announce my attendance at EAA's Airventure 2006, all courtesy of the fine folks at Microsoft's ACES Studios! You see, I have been "deputized" as a junior FS evangelist by Hal, and will be lending a hand at the FSX booth at Hangar B Thursday through Sunday, July 27th-30th. I have been penciled in to be at the booth each afternoon from 1-5pm.

There will be a handful of other junior FS evangelists there giving the ACES team a hand in spreading the good word at Oshkosh. They range from ACES alumni, ACES team friends, and current 3rd party developers. Let me introduce you to:

Jon Bach - Jon is Corporate Intellect Manager and Senior Test Consultant for Quardev Laboratories, a Seattle test lab specializing in rapid, exploratory testing. In his ten-year career, he has led projects for many corporations, including Microsoft, where he was a test manager on Systems Management Server 2.0 and feature lead on FS 2004.

Roy McMillion - Roy is an ACES alumnus, once on the test team for FS 98 through FS 2004. You can check out his "about" page to learn more about him. Roy works with Jon at Quardev Laboratories and does aviation photography in the Puget Sound area as a semi-professional hobby.

Glenn Norman & Michelle Goodeve - Glenn & Michelle are a colorful couple from Canada who are friends of Hal. Glenn is an astronomer, writer, and pilot, who is rarely seen without his actor/writer/pilot parter Michelle.

Katy Pluta - Katy is a Microsoft FS MVP (and has been for as long as I can remember) and is on the Project Magenta team. Katy is often found in the flightsim usenet newsgroups, giving a helping hand to those in a bind, and is also known to frequent the Simflight forums as well.

Justin Lamb - Justin is a good friend of mine that I've known for several years, thanks to Flight Simulator. Justin has done many repaints, namely for aircraft produced by Kirk Olsson.

Of course the booth will also be manned by official ACES team members, but they were unable to pull a full compliment away from Redmond, hence their calling in the reserves.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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