Thursday, November 02, 2006

A fresh face from ACES speaks...

A relatively new member of the ACES studios has made a post in the AVSIM FSX forums that explains things a bit from the graphics side of ACES development. Phil Taylor, who is Senior PM for Graphics and Terrain, gives a very detailed explaination (in fact, a lot of it is lingo that is above my understanding - and I'm a dev!) of what should be reasonable expectations for today and what to expect for tomorrow when DX10 appears.

If you are interested in reading about their plans forward, give it a go. It might not all make sense, but at least it lets us, the FS enthusiasts, know that they are taking note of the discussions as of late in the forums. He mentions that constructive criticisms are most effective in gaining favorable response, and that the "bashing" should be toned down. It's about time one of 'em said "enough is enough."

[EDIT] I found this post by yet another ACES dev Sebby regarding modifying shaders for FSX - some good info here as well!

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