Friday, November 10, 2006

Start a saved flight in FSX via desktop icon!

From a public newsgroup contributor Peter Greenstein, we now have a way of opening a saved flight via an icon saved to the desktop, or anywhere you choose. Here's Peter's post:

Unless I'm wrong, the last time this was possible was FS98.

FSX has restored the ability to load a saved flight via an icon on the desktop.

In a subfolder of My Documents are my "Saved Flights." I can double-click on one of these, tell Win XP to associate this file with FSX. Then FSX will start, and then load the file, returning me to a flight in progress. In FS2004 all this accomplished was loading the default flight.

This is great, considering how long everything now takes on my system. Double-click on a desktop shortcut, walk away, go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, return to the cockpit!

Very good information, Peter, and thanks for sharing with the public!

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