Friday, December 23, 2005

Congratulations Roy - 100 Hours achieved!

As of today, Roy Wilbanks has surpassed 100 hours as PIC of his Twin Comanche!! I was lucky enough to have joined him on today's flight. He is (and has been for some time) working on getting his twin engine IFR and Commercial pilot ratings, and has invited me along on many of his sessions with his instructor. The flight today was comprised of two ILS approaches into Greenville Downtown and one at Donaldson Center (which, has a tower now - I didn't know that until today). Upon returning to the Greenwood area, we practiced a maneuver called "following the railroad" which was the most fun I've had in an airplane to date! I won't go into details, but it involved flying at extreme bank attitudes - some even at 90 degrees!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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RF said...

Sounds like a blast...I imagine the Twin-Co Project is going well? I can't wait for it, I need a new twin!!

Have a Merry Christmas Owen! God Bless!