Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DreamFleet Partners with Flight Scenery!

Flight Scenery took the FS world by storm with their incredible Rhode Island scenery package in the spring of 2005. Finally, FS pilots could enjoy highly detailed and accurate scenery that was also very frame rate-friendly. "A miracle?" You ask. Not all all, just the talents of brothers Stéphane and Patrice, who know precisely how to create ultra-detailed scenery that does not cause a great performance decrease on your computer.

This outstanding work did not go unnoticed at DreamFleet, and after a recent meeting between DreamFleet's Lou Betti and these talented brothers, it was decided that the companies should work together in the future.

Does this mean that DreamFleet is getting into the "scenery business?" Well, we really cannot answer that right now. Let's just say that DreamFleet and Flight Scenery have some exciting things planned for the future.

To start, you will see Flight Scenery's products available for sale at the DreamFleet Web site, and also see DreamFleet aircraft for sale at the Flight Scenery web site. All products will utilize the convenient and reliable Flight 1 e-commerce wrapper, that allows for product download prior to purchase, and there will certainly be much more to follow in the future as our two companies embark on this exciting new venture!


My comments: I am very excited about this partnership, as I too was fortunate enough to meet with Stéphane and Patrice - these are very sharp individuals who are doing some remarkable work with scenery in FS. I'm looking forward to working closely with Stéphane as he is the man when it comes to modeling.


RF said...

Wow! That's very interesting Owen. I've never looked into Flight Scenery, or any other "big area scenery" due to the frame issue, But I'll be sure to check these guys out!


Owen Hewitt said...

Hi Ross,

Yes, they are doing great work - and look for some awesome goodies coming with their upcoming KPDX scenery package!