Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TrackIR is on the way!!

I am excited! Tomorrow, I should be visited by the FedEx man who will be delivering my brand-new TrackIRtm 4 Pro! There is an excellent review/comparison of the TrackIRtm 4 Pro and the unit it replaces, the TrackIRtm 3 Pro with Vector Expansion at SimHQ. Naturalpoint also has a page describing the differences between the new and old unit. Since this is my first TrackIRtm, I believe this was the best time to jump in and get one. It looks like the new unit is superior in many ways, and that was the suggestion of the reviewer.

Since I design for MS FS, I'm especially excited about the complete 6 degrees of freedom that is usable. Reading the review at SimHQ, there are many flight sims that do not - oh well - all the more reason to fly using MS FS!

Here's a great video showing what TrackIR looks like in FS.

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Mike Boone said...

I'd like to see that. If you turn your head left, it swings the view left, correct? Now your head is looking left, but the screen is still in front of you. Either you need a big display or you have to make subtle head movements. Sounds cool at any rate.