Friday, December 09, 2005

Going through the photo archives, I found...

click for larger old picture taken at EAA Oshkosh in 2001 when I met Hal Bryan for the first time. I believe (but don't quote me) the gentleman to Hal's right is Caleb Cha - at the time a member of the test team. His name is in the FS 2004 credits, so I'm confident in saying that he's still on the team - Hal, correct me if I'm wrong there!

I know the ACES team is very busy, as there has been little activity on each respective members' blogs for a couple of weeks. Hal was gracious to take some time and give a great post about an anniversary that is near and dear to his heart. For those who have been fortunate to have met Hal, whether it be at Oshkosh or AOPA, his passion is equally evident for the product he helps mold. Hat's off to you for being the passionate man you are!


Owen Hewitt said...

I don't normally post comments on my own blog entries - but looking at my two pictures - I need to definately cut back on my eating habits!! **note to self: no more snacking while working in gmax!!

Nick Whittome said...

Well Hal did eh... he is half the man now :)

I must go dig out my Atkins Diet book myself :)