Friday, December 02, 2005

Dreamfleet Baron awarded Gold Medal!

The Dreamfleet Beechcraft B58 Baron has been reviewed by AVSIM staff reviewer Bert Pieke and has been awarded 5 stars and has been given the gold medal for excellence in flightsim design! Congratulations to all of my colleagues who shaped this fantastic representation of the Baron.


RF said...


Congrats on the new job at Dreamfleet! I love thier stuff and can't wait to see your new projects! By looking at the Dreamfleet site...It looks like I'm gunna be punching the credit card numbers in soon to grab the Baron!

Thanks for your great work. I greatly appreciate it!

( the way, I'm really not a stalker, I'm one of Mike's friends....uh-oh!)

Ross Fischer

Owen Hewitt said...

Hi Ross -

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, the Baron is one sweet aircraft, I highly recommend it!


pixelpoke said...

congrats, O